Twenty Bits I Learned About Design, Business & Community

I just finished reading Dan Cedarholms’ book Twenty Bits I Learned About Design, Business & Community. If you are not familiar with Dan, he was the co-founder of Dribbble. It’s a simple and fast fun read with lots of tidbits of his experience. There are a few chapters that I just found myself laughing out … Read more Build 2014

Great piece from Brent Simmons on the enthusiasm at Mircosoft at the Build conference and in particular around Azure. But where the new CEO makes a difference is that leadership has caught up to where Microsoft employees already were. They can be honest, with themselves and others, about the company’s role in the world. They … Read more

What business are you preparing for?

My parents live in Florida half a year.  After having spent most of their lives in New England there were large changes in expectations of service that came from the move. One Monday they returned home from lunch out only to learn their cable was out ( all services phone, TV and internet) .  A … Read more

Delivering on expectations – the wrong way

What is the goal ? An old dilapidated gas station in town gets purchased. It is torn down and a new one with a food-center for snacks and sundries goes up in its place. The station is reopened. Week 1: The place shines. People are overly friendly welcoming you into the store when purchasing a … Read more

The Chimney Sweep and the mailing list

When I moved into my house the previous owner told me that the chimney had not been cleaned in some time.  I scheduled an appointment with a local chimney sweep.   The day of the appointment the sweep showed up on time and explained to me what he was going to do.  He was a … Read more

Clean Bathrooms

Today’s post from Seth Godin is so simple and yet so true. Seth describes the cleanliness of the bathrooms at Disney World. The people at Disney know that by keeping the bathrooms cleanand making the surroundings a better place they inherently earn trust. My favorite line in the post: If you take a lot of … Read more

Free Range

Seth’s advice: “The alternative is to compete against nothing but yourself. To excel merely because the act of excelling without boundaries or incentives thrills you. And the good news is that once you find that, you’ll always have it.” This sounds really hard but is the best way to do things ! Source: Seth Godin

Verizon’s Gone Creepy >>

Stephen Hackett pointed out this article regarding Verizon’s creepiness.  I considered switching carriers when I got the iPhone 5 and am very glad I did not. Thanks Stephen

The new Amazon commercial

M.G. Siegler pointed out this new Amazon commercial to me.  Apparently it debuted during the NFL game. I  just watched it and I agree. that it is a good commercial.  Personally I think it is a good commercial because in many ways it mimics Apples style.  Low key voice narration, people using the products and … Read more