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I have occaisonally mentioned here that I created the blocs for AppleTV. but I have tried to just let people find them organically and not really push them.  If you read the about us page of the blocs site you will see the problems I was trying to solve and see if you have had a similar expereince.

Tonight I was super happy to receive an email today from the company letting me know that blocs were being featured on the home page tonight ! 

If you have any questions you can leave me a comment here or use the contact page on the blocs.tv site

Bloc ~ The Perfect placeholder for your Apple TV

Woke up this morning to a nice write up by the designers at mmminmal. The site is described as:
a blend of tasteful designs and articles based on the concept of minimalism. The site mmminimal is currently run by the likes of Rob Hope and Derek Clark, two web dev/designers based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Flipping through their posts it made it an obvious addition to my feed reeder !

Thanks mmminimal !

“We love this! Bloc is seriously the perfect compliment to your Apple TV. Designed and crafted by Apple fans the Bloc is not only pretty but functional too. The weighted base prevents your HDMI cable of moving your Apple TV all over the place as I’m sure you have experienced. The remote place holder saves you from having to look all over the place to find your “clicker” or in my case another trip to the Apple store… Somebody buy this for us now!”

The Brooks Review on blocs

Ben Brooks from the Brooks Review wrote a nice commentary on blocs. Ben was one of the original six writers that I sent a prototype to.  I did not know any of them but I just asked them one question.  Tell me what you think about the concept and design. Good or bad.  I was trying to decide to go forward and “ship” this design or pack it up and try something else.  

As I mentioned I have never met Ben.  But from reading his site and listening to his podcasts with Shawn Blanc I felt like I had a good idea of who he was.  Ben also has very strong views about design (I share many of these) – and it is that type of opinion that I really wanted ! 

When I reached out to these busy people I told them the reasons why this idea came to me.  I was worried, because one of the reasons was the rotating of the unit on my TV stand – it truly made me mental. So it was with great joy when I read this:

My Apple TV was always being pulled to one angle or another and while this doesn’t effect the operation, it sure bugged the crap out of me.

All six writers provided comments and criticism on how to make the product better.  This information was truly invaluable, without it my idea would never have come to fruition.  Ben  was also correct on the thickness.  He has a near finished prototype (ver.13 or 14 I think) but there were more refinements to the overall thickness (it decreased by a little more than 1/8″) before the product that is shipping now was finalized.

Thanks Ben

The Week in iOS Accessories Macworld

Nice mention today in Macworld for blocs in the iOS Accessories column.

“Bloc: Admittedly, we don’t see accessories for the Apple TV come along too often, but the $39 Bloc for Apple TV is a nice exception to the rule. It’s a wooden tray—it comes in cherry, maple, or walnut—with slots for both the Apple TV and its remote control. The device lets you create a permanent resting spot for your Apple TV, keeps the perhaps-too-small-and-light device from being pulled behind your entertainment center by heavy cables, and helps you stop losing the remote in the crevices of your couch.”

— Macworld

 The Walnut bloc for Apple TV
Walnut Bloc for Apple TV

This week in iOS Accessories