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It seems a shame that after going through a trial that was focused on originality and copying Apple that a few days after the it ends with a decision against them that new images arrive showing Samsung’s new “original” laptop.

That would be fine if it were true, except it is a clone of the MAcBook Air. I guess on the originality side of the coin it does have a stylus but for me that falls more into the stupid category.

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the verge
Cult of Mac

The Rise Of Third Party Services And Fall Of Google In iOS >

Graham Spencer from Macstories has a great post describing the history of services in iOS. The graphics are plain and simple.  There is a clear direction in which Apple is integrating with more outside services.  Google is almost out.  

Most of the recent iOS discussion is how good will Apple maps be?  Could Apple replace the mapping application which had become our de facto standard?  

Apple acquired a number of mapping companies to achieve the talent and products needed to create their own Maps app, including Poly9, Placebase and C3 Technologies. This was no small move in replacing Google Maps.

— http://www.macstories.net

But even if there had not been bad blood with Google I wonder if this would have happened anyway.  If you follow the timeline Apple really had a lot in one basket with Google.

Rumoured new iPhone –>

I am not a huge fan of the rumor mill when it comes to Apples new products.  There was a time when I was more I admit.  But now the level of speculation, I think is out of control.  With all the hype also usually brings a lot of people disappointment depending on where they stand with the rumors.

If the rumors are correct, then when product “X” comes out people are often let down because it has been in the news cycle for a long time that it does not seem like a big deal.  If the sites are wrong people also can be disappointed because Apple did not do this thing or that thing.  Its feels a lot like opening your presents under the Christmas tree before you are supposed to.

The other day “new” images leaked of the reported new iPhone 5 (or the new new iPhone depending on what Apple calls it).

All I have to say is that if this ends up being the new iPhone I would enjoy it.  It appears to be a little larger, a little thinner, smaller connector and headphone jack on the bottom.  I think one of the things I like the most is the apparent material looks as is it has a magnesium finish on it.

Why I didn’t buy the MacBook Pro Retina

Pietro and Michael wrote blog posts for their rationale to why they didn’t buy a retina MacBook Pro.

Pietro goes into depth about each of these reasons that it prevented him from making the purchase.

  • Revision A product
  • Hardware pushed to the limits
  • Cost
  • Michael simplified part of his rational to:
  • Weight
  • Size

All of these arguments are excellent and I agree with all of them. Those factored into my decision. But there was one point that was left out was huge for me that I wanted to touch on. Most applications have not retina-field. I know the software developers are working hard now to update their graphic assets but it will still take some time. When I went to the Apple Store to check out the machine I was impressed. How could you not be? All the programs I was using for the most part were Apple based and had the opportunity to have been updated. I did come across a few Apple programs that had yet to be updated, and while the text looked great – the images and icons in many cases looked worse. What if the one application I use everyday looks worse for the next X months.

Also I found the web did not look great either. Text rendered fine but overall I think the visual experience was worse. Not necessarily which web browser you choose, but other peoples web sites. For years 72dpi has been the standard for graphics. The standard came about to optimize speed of image download to the browsers. The new iPad (third generation) was the first “large” screen retina display. After the release people were trying to come up with ways to update their sites to make them look better via CSS or JavaScript hacks. This is an ongoing update. But there is no agreed upon “best” to do this yet. While I think the desktop applications will be updated sooner I think it will be some time before the web looks better. This was the kicker for me which held me back for the first version.

A smaller iPad in our future?

I am in Maine trying to relax and enjoy a change of scenery and have only checked in on a few emails. Today I took a look at my RSS reader and it was chock full of rumors about a new 7“ iPad. The rumors are all over the place. Some speculating that this is in result to the Google Nexus 7 or the impending update to the Kindle Fire I am not a huge fan of rumors. The media has all but placed orders for this new 7 inch device. Apple in classic fashion is being tight lipped. If Apple thinks there is a market and they make a product that fits the 7” form factor and they like it – then and only then will they release it. But if they do I am sure it is not a result of other companies.

If It happens I am not sure if I will be getting one[1]. Here are a few thoughts on the topic.

  1. I am not sure about the 7“ form factor. It might be perfect but I have never used anything smaller than the iPad 10” form factor. My mind says it will be cramped and not take advantage of the space well but again this is without experience.
  2. The “reported” resolution is 1024 x 768 for this mythical device. I am not sure how I could go back to the non-retina version. Text on the iPad 3 is unbelievable and I read a lot of books on this device (as well as my iPhone).
  3. My friend Michael Evans at Macfilos welcomes a reduction in the weight. This I could get behind as well. Usually when I read using the iPad I have it propped up against something. But I also find this funny that something that weighs 1.46 pounds (662 g) lbs[2] is now to heavy and we all want something lighter.
  4. Will this just be a smaller iPad or will it be something else? When the iPad was launched everyone said it is just a big iPod Touch. While it does have certain overlapping characteristics it is clearly not just a larger Touch.

I think I will sit back and wait to see what happens and make a decision then. I think it would be nice for Apple if they had something at a lower price point for consumers but it needs to be the right product and have the correct story to tell to potential buyers.

  1. Who am I kidding I will be more than likely ordering one the day it is announced.  ↩
  2. The new iPad (Third Generation) with wifi and cellular modem.  ↩

The great BlackBerry marketing mess

You should go over to Ken’s site to read the whole article. But I think there is so much irony in this teaser.  Especially launching something like this before RIM announcement of abysmal sales and mounting losses.

I think they should take some of their own advice and do something different.

The great BlackBerry marketing mess:

RIM’s teaser on its UK and Australia sites

It probably wasn’t the plan, but RIM may soon enter the record books for Most Self-Inflicted Wounds By A Market Leader.

After being spanked by iPhone and Android over a period of four years, RIM is fighting back with a marketing campaign. And wow, it’s a doozie.

(Via Observatory)