Why Ask the Question?

Scenario: You’re in your favorite store ( drugstore, grocery, pet supply), and you are looking around for a particular item. You don’t find it, but substitute something else or skip it for now. At the checkout, the cashier says:

Cashier: Did you find everything you were looking for?

  • How do you respond to that?
  • What is the correct answer?

Me: No, you did not have it. I will make do without it.

Have you ever had the person asking the question write down what was missing? Call a manager over? Add it to an order list of other things they were out of.

It feels more like a performative question. It does not seem like they want to help you. It feels like you were taught to ask but really don’t care.

Is this how you provide good service? Does this endear the customer to your store? By doing nothing, how are you making the customer feel?

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