Random Thoughts on Prague

After dropping my stepdaughter off at school in Prague, I recently returned home with my wife. Yes, that Prague in the Czech Republic. We loved it—an exceptional place. While we were there for just a week, the city was fantastic. Below are a few random thoughts or observations.

  • The city was a combination of modern meets Harry Potter in the best of ways.
  • The people were so friendly.
  • While English is not the primary language, most people speak some, if not fluently.
  • Menus were in Czech with English translations
  • Due to the current strong dollar, the cost of everyday goods are so inexpensive
  • Uber exists and is popular there, along with the local competition called Bolt.
  • I was surprised to see Lime Scooters in the city
  • The city of Prague has three Ikeas (we only went to one)
  • There were a few homeless people in the street collecting change, and all of them had dogs with them
  • The restaurants were all Czech/Italian or Czech/Spanish
  • Public transportation on the tram is very useable
  • I only used a credit card for payment the entire time we were there. It seemed to be the preferred approach. I also love how after a meal, they bring the payment processing terminal to your table.