Podcast Editing Statistics

In 2022, I decided to keep track of the time it takes me to edit my wife’s Podcast The Revelation Project. I used Timery1 to track and keep the categories/projects simple, file prep, editing, transcription, and posting the show.

The categories are self-explanatory, but everyone is different.

  • File Prep: After a recording is complete, I pull it from her machine and do some spot tests to review the quality of the files. From there, I usually run both files through Izotope RX on my Mac, followed by The Levelelator.

  • Editing: I move the files to my 2020 12.9″ iPad Pro into Ferrite2 to do all the editing.

  • Transcription: I then run the final file through Descript in order to get a basic transcription. It’s an excellent start, but it does require me to listen again and correct portions and some spelling. I also use this time to pull out any show links for resources that are discussed and create some Headliners that she will post on social media over the week for promotion.

  • Post Show: Exactly what it sounds like. Convert the file from WAV to MP3 using Marco Arments Forecast to add chapter art and links. Upload the file to Fireside, where the show is hosted. Confirm all the show links, add the sponsor if there is one for the show, and schedule the release.

The chart represents 52 episodes.

Podcast Editing

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