Tesla Rolls Out Steam Game Support for Newest Vehicle Models–>

The newest models of Tesla’s electric vehicles are now Steam-powered. And by that, of course, we mean the vehicles’ central consoles can now access and play thousands of titles from Valve’s popular Steam gaming platform.

The new addition, part of Tesla’s 2022.44.25.1 holiday update,” is currently only available on the high-end new” Model S and X vehicles Tesla released in 2022, each of which includes 16GB of onboard RAM (though CEO and founder Elon Musk promised in a tweet that a retrofit” will be available for older models). The release notes for the update suggest that those vehicles should be able to run any game that has been Verified by Valve for play on the company’s Steam Deck handheld.

I don’t own a Tesla. I am not sure what Tesla owners are asking1 for, but I bet Steam Deck games were not on anyone’s bingo card.

Via Arstechnica

  1. The only thing I have read and heard several times is the biggest request has been for CarPlay.↩︎