Good riddance Google Reader

The big news yesterday on the internet was the discontinuation of the Google Reader service as of July 1st.  There are a ton of great posts on this topic.  Many people are upset about loosing the web view but the only thing that I initially felt there would be a temporary loss of was the syncing of the RSS feeds.  A few months ago I wrote a post about services I would pay for.  Reader syncing was one of them.  

Why Google did not just leave the sync services and charge users for access seems odd to me.  I am glad to see so many people respond with ideas and plans to replace this neglected service.  

  • Great tip from Dave Caolo on how to get your information out of Google here.

Athens tiny home

One of my favorite sites is called Shoebox Dwelling.  Usually featuring unique ways to live in small spaces.  Yesterday they features another wonderful house in Greece.  This apartment is 32 sq. meters or 324 sq. feet.  Some of the small things I really loved was the built in refrigerator and washing machine.

TED Obsession

Continuing on with my TED obsession I saw this little video of small robots dancing.  After reading the description I was not sure what to expect.  But this is very cute as well as technically really cool how they did this.  In fact I could see many of these robots replacing backup dancers from pop singers now!


Creating with Wood

The other day I had a blocs customer ask me for a source of high quality wood covers for Apple TV.  I quickly pointed them to Lazerwood Industires.  They make a beautiful walnut and a black cherry stained cover to dress up an Apple TV.

But the folks over there have taken working with wood to another level.  Using traditional materials and working high tech tools they have been able to create some amazing products with intricate detail.

The thing I love most is how, like blocs, they have blended the organic with the high tech to add warmth to our beloved toys.

Beauty and craftsmanship, check them out!

    Artist series Peony in maple by  Anne Marie Jackso n   Artist series Peony in maple by  Anne Marie Jackso n 

    Lazerwood Keys for Apple wireless keyboard in Cherry   Lazerwood Keys for Apple wireless keyboard in Cherry 

    Beats covers in Walnut   Beats covers in Walnut 

    Walnut cover for Apple TV   Walnut cover for Apple TV

The Art of Asking: Amanda Palmer

A few weeks ago I finished reading Seth Godin’sThe Icarus Deception“. I truly loved the message behind this book. One of the examples in the books was a woman by the name of Amanda Palmer and her amazing suceess with her Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a new album. The goal was $100,000 and she ended up raising $1.2 million dollars. I was aware of her musical work with one of her previous bands called the Dresdan Dolls but I did not know a lot about her.

Recently she gave a talk at TED 2013 on the Art of Asking. If you have 15 minutes please watch this. Its truly a great talk.