Minimal Mac makes me spend more money

I love listening to the Minimal Mac podcasts with Patrick Rhone and Myke Hurley. I was listening to episode 36 of the Minimal Mac Podcast called Enough I re-learned more about a product called ScotteVest.

I had heard about their products for a while but dismissed it as a piece of geek tech clothing that I could do with out.  As I was listening to the podcast I found myself flipping through their website and learning about the options that they make and how the product line has expanded.

I broke down and ordered a tropical weight jacket/vest that was on sale.  It was lightweight and packed into a small pocket if needed.  The jacket arrived the next day.  Opening up the box I realized that this was a very high quality product.  I tried it on and it looks like a straight-up windbreaker with no signs of what lies underneath.

With the coat I noticed that there were couple of things that really impressed me that I did not catch on the website.  One was in the right hand side pocket had a built in keychain with an coil clip to prevent you from loosing your keys.  Another thing was in the glass case pocket.  I reached in and there is a glass cleaning cloth attached to a string.  I really liked this as I have a pet peeve about fingerprints and smudges on my sun glasses.

Photo1The thing that really impressed me was in one of the pockets was a small pack of what looked like business cards. I opened it up and there were 10 customer testimonial reference cards. These immediately reminded me of “Brag Tags” to share with friends and create a W.O. M. conversation that the folks at Church of the Customer spoke about. These are a great conversation piece. Overall I am very happy with it and hope that wears well.  I have not had the opportunity to fill all the pockets but will give it a shot. I love the quote from Myke  ” thank you very much sir for making my wallet a little lighter. ”

And thank you for making my wallet a little lighter as well
P.S. : I love Minimal Mac and the Enough series!